• Product Launches

    Reach your target your way. We will arrange photography and/or video, tailor messages for all the appropriate media and launch your product or service to your target audience in a way that will drive sales and help grow your business.

  • Media Relations & Publicity

    We provide media introductions and design and manage PR campaigns for one-off events or on a more long-term basis. We’re expert at getting the right message out to the right audience for you.

  • Media & Communications Training 

    Need one-to-one media training and preparation or group workshops? We will work with you to tailor and deliver your message in the clearest, most appropriate manner. Our clear-thinking, no nonsense approach delivers results.

  • Internal communications

    We’ll help keep your staff and management up to date, motivated and informed through effective and efficient communications. Such a flow of information allows everyone to understand where your business is at, where it is going.

  • Crisis Management

    We will help you behave and respond appropriately in a crisis situation. Such timely and strategic assistance is critical in managing any potential negative impact on hard-won reputations.  We’ve helped clients manage complex and difficult scenarios through pre-planning, strategic advice and training.

  • Online Engagement

    Build your audience, engage openly with clients, retain their support, their interest and their loyalty through effective social media campaigns and online engagement. We have the in-house expertise to get you up and running and work with the industry’s best to get your message out to a global audience and a world-wide market.